Block Puzzles

Best Block Puzzles

Block puzzles are an alternative to traditional jigsaw puzzles. There are different kinds of puzzles that you can order. Some of them are very difficult, but some of them are very easy. The easy ones can be given to toddlers or kids to play with.

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Puzzles for kids

Block puzzles for kids and toddlers usually are square cubes made from wood with a cartoon character printed on each side. When these blocks are separated, a child or toddler needs to put the blocks side by side to reveal the character that is printed on the block. Cartoon characters makes the puzzle very appealing to a kid. As it is very interesting to solve a puzzle that features a cartoon character that kid loves. It is also a great way for your kid to learn animals or pets as their photo is featured on the puzzle blocks.

Puzzles for adults

Difficult puzzles are usually made for adults. They are different to puzzles that feature some sort of image. Instead they are excellent brainteasers. Adult block puzzle is made from wood. To solve the puzzle, you need to combine wooden blocks to create some sort of shaped object. Such as square, rectangle, circle, ball and so on.
Benefits of solving puzzles

Block puzzle is great family fun as the difficult puzzles can be solved together with family members. Also puzzles are very relaxing, in the same time they train your brain and challenge you. You will feel satisfied when you have solved your puzzle.

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