Best Puzzle Boxes

Best Puzzle Boxes

One of the most mysterious and interesting puzzle concepts is puzzle box. These puzzles just like traditional and other types of jigsaw puzzles are challenging, and you must put your mind in to it to solve the puzzle.

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What is a puzzle box?

Puzzle box is a secret box that is usually made from wood. To open the box, you need to solve the puzzle. The puzzle solving process requires you to remove or move pieces of the puzzle, by doing so you solve the code that opens a compartment of the box. In this compartment you can place something important to you. Also, you can put a surprise for another person inside the box. Once the person has figured out how to open the box, he will be rewarded with a surprise gift from you.

Another use of the box is to hide something valuable for example money. There are different boxes available to purchase. Some of them are easy to solve and some of them are very hard to solve. So, if you wish to hide something valuable you should get a box that is hard to solve.

Many boxes look like wooden bricks and it is nearly impossible to notice that there are hidden compartments.

Propose with a puzzle!

Another great use of box is to use it to propose to your loved one. Put a ring inside the box and give it to your loved one. Once he or she manages to open the box, a ring will be there, giving a clear message that you wish to propose.

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